Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Music: Crass - Big A, little a

I'm going to start this post by making a broad assumption: a lot of songs today don't make a whole lot of sense. Yes they (usually) speak proper English but even then they either Kurt Cobain it and you can't understand what they're saying or it's so autotuned out that they could be coughing and it'd sound like God Himself was crying tears of music.
With this you too can sound like a robot.

This post isn't about one of those synthesized animal screams; this song is about, in my opinion, one of the most meaningful songs ever written by one of the best bands ever to compose. If you're not familiar with the song already, it's "Big A, little a" by the amazing anarcho-punk band, Crass. To abridge a lengthy subrant, anarcho-punk is punk rock that usually sounds like UK 82 or Oi!, but can really sound like anything since no laws govern what anarcho-punk sounds like (get it? It's "anarchy"!).

Crass is also the band that created this. 

Elaborating on the song, "Big A, little a" is about just being yourself and not listening to what government, religion, or anyone else tells you what to be or do. I implore you not only enjoy some good anarcho-punk, but also to read the lyrics while you listen, especially if you're not good at picking out words in songs (personally, I'm not) because the message is really worth paying attention to.

(edited by Feel)