Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stumble Findings: Colonizing the Universe--With Nuclear Bombs

"Of all the dreams of the golden years of the 20th century, in which flying cars would be be crossing the skies of technologic utopias, one of them actually had serious chances of becoming reality exactly as imagined in cheap sci-fi comics. Shortly after stepping on the Moon, we would be colonizing Mars, visiting Saturn and the satellites of Jupiter, all in gigantic spaceships hundreds of meters long, with thousands of tons and hundreds of astrounauts. Huge permanent colonies would be established in other planets and even Alpha Centauri would be at our reach.

It would all be possible through one project: Orion."


Check this shit out.

:D Good, interesting, awesome article.

P.S. paper is not done yet. :'(

-Nero Thanes

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