Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Music: I'm Blue

A few nights ago I started a new obsession as I often do on days when divine inspiration hits me. On this occasion, my inspiration was a faith-crushing lab report that left me longing for the sweet respite of death. Knowing this was not an option, I was forced to delve deep into my psyche to find the right song to listen to in order to keep me from losing it.

And by the graceful hand of two 5hr Energy drinks it hit me: Blue by Eiffel 65.

But wait, it had to be harder, faster, with a better beat--I realized that what I need was a remix.

Disappointingly, there was no standard remix that everyone loves and hates that I could take a listen to much to my amazement. Here was one of the most awesome songs of the past 20 years and nobody had had the heart to butcher it beyond recognition for better or for worse.

I was undeterred, however, and soon I found a remix that almost hit the spot even though I still felt it was lacking. It was the difference between heroin and methadone though and this jumpstyle tune was decent.

Now, if you hate jumpstyle that's perfectly alright because I personally prefer hardstyle as well, but that's no reason not to take a listen to this remix of the hit Eiffel 65 song "Blue". The remix is done by Dj Bryan and is so far the best remix of "Blue" I've been able to find (in my opinion).



  1. Woah, I love this song, but nothing beats the original!!!! xD

  2. Not a huge fan of it to be honest. Love the original though.

  3. I´m sorry but that jumpstyle remix is rubbish since 99/100 jumpstyle on itself are rubbish... I got some nice electro house remixes of it though, let me know when you´re interested !!

  4. Sorry you guys didn't like it; I'll admit jumpstyle isn't the best but I do appreciate the feedback :)