Sunday, October 24, 2010

Music: Classic '77 punk rock--"Kiss my Deadly," by Generation X

 Billy Idol with his mates, playing music because music is awesome

Most of you certainly know the 80's hit, "Dancing with Myself," by Billy Idol. What many of you probably DON'T know is that before he became an embarrassing 80's pop star caricature, he was a member of an AMAZING '77 punk band called Generation X. This band was so amazing, in fact, that Billy Idol flat out stole their songs and re-released them as his own. "Dancing with Myself," in fact, was one of Generation X's most awesome hits before Billy Idol sold out and took all of the credit for it. (The song is also an allusion to masturbation, by the way).

 Billy Idol once he sold out and came out of the closet.

I would highly recommend to anyone that they listen to Generation X's greatest hits, like "One Hundred Punks," "Ready, Steady, Go," "Untouchables," and basically anything else on their band anthology.

"Kiss Me Deadly," however, is is far and above my favorite Generation X song. Why? Because unlike most punk songs, and most of Generation X's own songs, this song connects with you on a deeper, more personal level. You won't exactly get a philosophy lesson out of listening to it (and, truth be told, it would suck if you did), but I have yet to find another song which I feel captures so perfectly the essence of being young and reckless, and not giving a damn about anything else but being alive.

And, without further ado..




  1. those guys arent that famous anymore

  2. Generation X is awesome. I've been listening to them for years.

  3. TechnoMac: Nope haha. But their music is still great.

    Glad you guys liked it!! McKraken, Im happy to hear there's a fellow longtime fan here. :)

  4. That's great! I've heard about em, but this is the first their song I listen. They're awesome.

  5. they must have been really badass in their time