Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stumble Findings: Dex-Starr Origin story.

I didn't actually find this one on stumble, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere (you guys could also put it on stumble by liking this blog post with stumbleupon *wink wink*).

Anyway, this is the origin story of Dex-Starr, one of the DC Universe's most brutal Red Lanterns. He was originally created as a joke by comic book artist Shane Davis, but he was fleshed out into a full-fledged character due to positive feedback from writer Geoff Johns and the Green Lantern fan community.

Here is the origin story of how Dexter the stray kitten became Dex-Starr, the feared Red Lantern. I will admit, I am a total cat person, but if this story does not melt your heart and bring a tear to your eye..well, nothing against you, but you have no soul.

Story (1-6):



3. (this one cuts off towards the right; open in new tab!)



6 (Fin).

Note: For you non-comic fans out there (myself included--I learned this after researching the different Lanterns due to my curiosity about Dex-Starr) Red Lanterns are powered by rage. In Dex-Starr's case, the red power ring was attracted to him by the rage he felt towards the thugs that tried to throw him over the bridge and the robber who killed his owner. As a Red Lantern, he makes it his mission to hunt down and kill this man. Dex-Starr is also able to form rudimentary sentences in the last panel because the Red ring bestows him with a limited sentience and projects his thoughts.

Further, according the wikipedia, Dex-Starr "is currently traveling with Atrocitus on earth, in search of the Red Entity known only as 'The Butcher.' " Not sure what this means, but there you have it!




  1. really good story give us more i will follow u :D

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  3. This was soo interesting to read..

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  5. That was... Uh... What exactly was that though? But sadly, it didn't melt my heart nor bring a tear to my eye. I guess my soul IS dead.


  6. Hm, some love, some lulz, but if you're interested this is part of a series you can probably torrent etc.

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