Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stumble Findings and return!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating over the weekend, my other half has been busy with his mathematical 
mumbo jumbo, and I came down with a fever. But fear not! We are both alive and well, albeit swamped with homework, and come bringing something yours truly came across on Sunday! I don't have time to explain more, but this image pretty much speaks for itself (and leaves me at a loss for words, anyway).

And, without further ado...

The connection shall forever be seared into my mind.



  1. haha awesome picture. I set it as my background. Already got a few comments from people who have seen it!

  2. good follow up post to yesterday's

  3. Not creepy at all good edward. lol

  4. good post, thanks for visiting me <3

  5. That's utterly disturbing. But is it supposed to be someone I should recognize?

  6. I like this... btw, Beating Inertia has a new Q&A post!

  7. Plant, that's awesome!!! Haha. I bet you'll be making some new friends with people who recognize the allusion ;)

    Pers: Mine too. O_O

    Rorschach: No it doesn't ;)

    Fuuuu: thanks!

    Mr. Lantel: Nope, not at all!

    Slumph: Thanks, and you're welcome!

    RoodNverse: I am! Thanks for asking. I had a baad fever--chills and everything.

    Quinn: Isn't it? It's such a good connection.

    Flippy: I certain ursa friend of the internet.

    HonBlogger: OH YES.

    Amidoinitrite: Thanks! And I checked it out, very good post!

    Zman: thanks!

  8. Hope everything is better now :) Also, do your homework !!

  9. Look forward to more posts in the future